Telegram Auto Reply 2023


Telegram Auto Reply 2023

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Software Information
5/5 - (1 vote)
  1. Create unlimited auto-reply messages
  2. Ability to also create nested menus with commands that the user sends to receive certain information
  3. Configure the keyword or number (UserInput) that will send the automatic reply
  4. Create automatic replies with text, links and emojis
  5. Send automatic reply based on the type of trigger you choose: Exact, Contains, Start with, End with, or Auto.
  6. Possibility to choose the Telegram groups or channels in which to activate or deactivate the automatic reply service.
  7. Real time Logs that allow you to view software activities and monitor all messages received and automatic replies sent.
  8. Start or Stop the service when you want, with just one click!
  9. Reliability of the service guaranteed by the use of the official Telegram APIs

To get started download and install the program on your Windows PC in Telegram Auto Reply FREE version from the following link

NOTE: The DEMO version of TEXAUTOREPLY adds a sentence with the link of in all automatic replies. By purchasing the PRO version this limitation is removed automatically.


  1. Installation
  2. TEXAUTOREPLY configuration
  3. How to create automatic replies
  4. How to activate Auto Responder
  5. How to activate TexAutoReply PRO


Download TEXAUTOREPLY on your Windows PC. You will download a file .exe. Double-click to start the installation and when it is done you will see an icon on your desktop. Double click on that iconWhen opening the program this LOGIN window will open:

The first time you open the program you will have to do the configuration of your account by pressing the SETUP ACCOUNT button and this new window will open:

Read the following paragraph to find out how to recover configuration data (api ID, api Hash) of your Telegram account to be able to use the software.


To use the program you will need to configure it by adding some information (API). This configuration should only be done once, you will not have to redo it every time.To get the APIs of your Telegram account follow these simple steps:

  1. Log in to the site and enter the phone number associated with your Telegram account. Click Next and you will receive a code on Telegram. Enter that code in the appropriate field for verification. 
  2. After verification, a page will open with some options. Click on API DEVELOPMENT TOOLS
  3. On the page that opens, enter fictitious data, for example:
  4. Save the data and then a page will open with the information we need to configure TEXAPI. 


In the SETUP screen of TexAutoReply enter the phone number (with country code), api_id and api_hash in the relevant fields. Finally click on SAVE.Now the LOGIN window will automatically reopen. Here click on LOGIN and as soon as you receive the authorization code enter it in the appropriate field (“CODE”).

Finally press on CHECK CODE and if everything has been done correctly you will receive a positive message. The following main program window will automatically open:


TexAutoReply is one of the easiest programs to use to create automatic replies on Telegram. These responses will only be sent when a user enters the keyword (or number) that you have defined in the program. In the program there are already predefined answers to make you understand how the system works.

On the right of the program’s home screen you will be able to see these 4 preloaded answers. The first is a response that is sent when the user sends a message that begins with the word INFO. After sending this word the user automatically receives a response that contains other commands useful to the user to request additional information, for example it is said to send the number 1 to get general info, send number 2 to have support, number 3 to view product catalog, etc …

If you want to understand immediately how it works without adding your automatic replies, access the AUTO REPLY tab and then press the START button as highlighted in the figure below

Now try to send the word INFO from another telegram account to the one you used to configure TexAutoReplay. Immediately after sending this word you will see that you will automatically receive the message set in the program:

As you can see it is all very simple and intuitive! Now that you understand how it works you can return to the home screen of the program, you can delete the default messages in the program (just select them and then press delete rule at the bottom) and you can start creating your own personalized automatic replies.

To create your automatic replies you need to act on the left of the program.

USER INPUT: this is the word or number that the user must enter to receive the relative automatic reply

REPLY TYPE: it is the type of trigger that server to activate the automatic response. For example, if you set EXACT then the user will receive the automatic response only if he enters exactly the keyword set in the USER INPUT field at the top (it is also case sensitive). Alternatively, you can enter the type “Contain”, “Start with”, “End with” or “Auto” (this is similar to Exact but is not case sensitive).

IS ENABLED: checkbox that allows you to activate or deactivate a reply

AUTOREPLY MESSAGE: it is the message that will be sent as an automatic reply. Here you can insert hyperlinks (even to videos or photos), or insert emoticons / emojis. At the bottom there are already emoticons ready to add to the message to make it more cute and nice. But you can also add other emoticons by taking them from this site.

Finally click on ADD NEW RULE and the answer will be added to the list on the right of the program. You can create as many answers as you want, of any type and need. You can also set up replies when someone sends you a “hello” message and you want to automatically reply with a generic welcome message. This will optimize the management of your contacts and your customers, or potential customers!


Once you have created the messages of the automatic replies to be sent, to activate the system you will have to access the AUTO REPLY tab and then press at the bottom on the START SERVICE

button If by chance you want to activate the auto-reply service also in some group or Telegram channel, just select it in the list. After pressing on START SERVICE, all telegram contacts (and even non-contacts) who send you a message containing the keyword you set, will receive the relative automatic reply.

In the program you can also see the real time logs (on the right of the screen):

The DEMO version of TexAutoReply automatically adds a message in the automatic reply, a message that invites you to purchase the FULL and unrestricted version of the software.


To activate the PRO version of the program and automatically remove the DEMO message present in the replies, all you have to do is press the ACTIVATE PRO VERSION button and then press the BUY NOW PRO VERSION button in the screen that appears.

Immediately after the purchase you will receive the license key that you can enter in the program to activate it and make it unlimited.