Metro live streaming game on tiktok


Metro live streaming game on tiktok

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The recently popular Tiktok Live Streaming Subway Project includes all software and detailed implementation tutorials for Tiktok live streaming games
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This site is only for project sharing, and does not provide one-on-one guidance. If you don’t know how to operate, please carefully check the tutorials in the online disk to study on your own. If Xiaobai can’t accept it, please don’t place an order! The resources on the site are for research and study use only! Do not conduct commercial operations, illegal use and dissemination!

抖音近期比较火的挤地铁教程- 知乎

Tiktok Yuan Universe squeezes the subway, it needs to be downloaded directly, and it can be broadcast directly

The interactive source files and material sources of the game software live broadcast room can be sold unlimitedly, including all software and detailed tutorials. After reading the tutorials, you can directly operate the live broadcast.

Direction of income: gifts, leading apprentices, bringing goods, DJ anchors, selling DJU disks, increasing followers, increasing popularity of live broadcasts, constant popularity, and constant gifts.

Detailed operation video tutorials are included in the online disk. If Xiaobai does not know how to live broadcast and has poor hands-on skills, please do not place an order! ! ! Avoid unnecessary misunderstandings and disputes! ! !

Hurry up and get on the bus, another project outlet

TikTok has now officially approved unmanned live streaming

The air outlet is right in front of you, interactive cloud dancing, square dancing, crowding the subway, if you are worried about the closure, come on, the official category is out, are you still waiting and watching?

Illustration of the monetization method of the new version of Tiktok Yunbundi 3D live-action live interactive project