Google Chrome Portable 108


Google Chrome Portable 108

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    4.9/5 - (7 votes)
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Software Information
4.9/5 - (7 votes)

Google Chrome Portable 108 is the most popular web browser today, with full features like the version installed on the computer. Help users comfortably surf the web, play games, listen to music, watch movies without installation.

The main interface of Google Chrome Portable

Download Google Chrome Portable Surf the web now without installation.

With the ability to surf the web quickly, safely and conveniently, Google Chrome Portable is loved by many users.

Note: The auto-update function will not work in the Portable version of Google Chrome.

Key Features of Google Chrome Portable

– Fast web page loading.
– Run web applications faster than ever.
– Designed to be efficient and easy to use.
– Search and navigate to sites from the same box.
– Sort and organize tabs as you like quickly and easily.
– Access your favorite websites with one click, from thumbnails of most visited sites on the New Tab page.

Note: Additional versions of Google Chrome Beta Portable and Google Chrome Dev Portable can be downloaded in the download links section of the Downloads page.

– Note when using Google Chrome Portable
– Passwords are not saved between computers by default: Google Chrome stores passwords the way they are encrypted on the current PC. The portable version won’t save the password, so you’ll have to remember it when using it on a new computer.
– Portable version without certificates: Google Chrome does not have certificate management. It uses Windows manager. Therefore, installing any certificate through Google Chrome is saved on the computer in use. Therefore, you should not use a private certificate on Chrome, unless you are using it on a personal computer.
– Some settings/extensions are locked: Google Chrome locks some presets on PC.If you want to make changes, you can send feedback to the Chrome development team.